Feb 09, 2021

4 Reasons Why Managed SD-WAN Is a Smarter Network Strategy

Today’s business owners are connecting to the internet through an increasingly complex labyrinth of nodes, networks, routers, and servers. As internet usage and access grow, escalating the reliance on cloud-sourced applications, connection speeds and bandwidth have followed suit. How? While there are many elements, chief among them has been activating smarter network strategies. Case in point: software-defined wide area networks, better known as SD-WAN.

SD-WAN has revolutionized the information technology space by moving data more efficiently, while allowing for the opportunity to access multiple service providers at a single location as well as across a regional or national footprint. Thanks to its reliability, SD-WAN has gained considerable traction, making it one of the fastest-growing network infrastructure solutions in the world. In fact, switching to a Managed Network Service Provider who offers an SD-WAN solution may be one of the best decisions you will ever make when it comes to your company's IT strategy. A few of the significant benefits of managed SD-WAN include:


1. Flexibility
Network services can come in the form of local, regional, and national organizations. Traditionally, companies with smaller geographic footprints rely on whoever the local or regional cable service provider is while larger enterprises can count on one of the many national carriers. What a Managed Network Service Provider offers is the opportunity for businesses of any size to utilize the most appropriate combination of local, regional, and national network service providers, ensuring the ability to tie into the best options based on bandwidth and budget which translates into operating more efficiently. If you have multiple offices, retail, and branch locations or connected hardware, a single network service simply cannot match this flexibility.

2. Staffing Efficiency

A greater reliance on digital technology has caused more businesses to look inward and require expansion of their IT staff. As a Robert Half survey found, approximately 70 percent of business owner respondents and IT decision-makers said they soon expect to hire more professionals. The survey goes on to reveal that the talent pool for IT staffing remains tight and most companies in the U.S. will struggle to find appropriate IT staffing. Opting for managed SD-WAN solves this issue. Managed Network Service Providers can deliver the complete networking expertise to maximize your existing IT staff by furnishing network design, interfacing with all network providers, and supplying 24x7x365 technical support.

3. Stronger Security
Cyberattackers are constantly looking for opportunities to strike and steal data by leveraging any potential network weak points or vulnerabilities. As organizations deploy new strategies to stay safe, hackers simply adapt. It is a constant struggle. While no network is entirely impenetrable, SD-WAN offers connections that are traditionally encrypted via site-to-site. Additionally, Managed SD-WAN vendors offer continuous monitoring as an extra layer of protection. 

4. Simplicity

In the past, ensuring business uptime was generally restricted to a single circuit for most business. However, as demand for more data to be moved intensifies, bandwidth demand has been increasing by as much 40 percent annually, according to Gartner, and increasing bandwidth is an elaborate process. Traditionally, additional bandwidth was handled by increasing the size of the existing network, however, SD-WAN utilizes multiple networks and layers a software-defined network design to ensure the most efficient network path. Wide Area Networks are just that - wide and sprawling, composed of thousands of routers and switches all communicating. But to talk to one another, someone must be at the controls to determine where the data should go. A Managed Network Service Provider can provide the expertise necessary to maximize the benefits of SD-WAN by centralizing networking operations.

SD-WAN is meeting the needs of additional bandwidth by accelerating application delivery between branch offices and data centers.  The implementation of SD-WAN increases cost savings and efficiency allowing lower-cost network links to perform the work of more expensive leased lines. 

With ongoing improvements in technology as well as increased industrialization globally, the uptick in vendors is creating price parity so users can decide which option is best for their needs. Managed SD-WAN is the next revolution in online networking and SD-WAN vendors are growing in number.

Is a managed SD-WAN solution right for your organization? Ventus has the experience, equipment, and cutting-edge systems to implement a managed SD-WAN solution that meets your needs. Ventus handles it all, from building the network, to hosting platform solutions, to deploying plug-and-play software, and ultimately to supplying 24x7x365 comprehensive network support. 

Eliminate the challenges of maintaining a multi-vendor, multi-platform network with Ventus. As a single source for networking needs the Ventus Managed SD-WAN solution handles network support across all vendors while freeing your IT infrastructure team to focus on core competencies and strategic long-term goals while we manage your network infrastructure, connections, and equipment. 

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