Sep 09, 2021

How Does Dual SIM Work? Expand Network Options Improving Uptime

A wireless cellular router generates connectivity to the internet utilizing a modem embedded in the router through a SIM card that connects to an assigned cellular service provider. The number of cellular connections the router can generate is determined by the number of modems in the router. One modem equals one cellular network connection.

So, what type of connectivity does a dual SIM, single modem router provide?

Take for example the Ventus Technologies VRB842. When deployed with a single SIM, the VRB842 operates like a traditional router connecting to the service provider assigned to the SIM. It is when the dual SIM solution is deployed that additional benefits are derived from the router’s unique ability to logically connect each SIM to the assigned service provider.

3 Key Benefits of a Ventus Dual SIM Router Solution:

1. Access to two separate cellular service providers under a single data plan
2. Built-in intelligence, auto-failover, switch between SIM 1 and SIM 2 if one of the networks is not performing
3. Connectivity can be manually changed between SIM 1 and SIM 2 using Ventus’s Genesis monitoring portal

Ventus has designed the dual SIM solution for all our routers. With our exclusive data plan offerings, such as cross-carrier sharing, Ventus 4G LTE wireless solutions require only a single data plan for a dual SIM router giving them unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

But a dual SIM router is just the start of designing a successful network solution. By combining our dual SIM routers with Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service solutions, we consistently create the highest uptime at the best value for our customers.

Ventus provides a one-stop-shop for connected devices such as ATMs, BTMs, ITMs, digital signs, kiosks, and POS Our customized solutions, including pre-configured routers for easy deployments, data plan management across multiple service providers, real-time monitoring, 24x7x365 technical support, and router maintenance ensure seamless networking that lets you focus on growing your business.

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