Jul 22, 2018

Impact of Wireless Technology on Payments

It was a privilege to share the stage with Rahul Vijay from Uber, Karl Weaver from Rivetz, and Kyle Henrie from Marqeta at the Financial Innovation and Payments Summit about the impact of technology on the payment industry.  

Wireless technology has enabled Marqeta to create virtual cards that benefit from the real-time processing with GPS verification providing funds approval with in 200 milliseconds for greater transparency and control over spending.  Uber has utilized wireless technology to change the world of transportation with an app-driven payment environment, while using wireless technology to test a fleet of 300 self-driving cars that use as much data in a month as the state of Hawaii. While Rivetz is working on an embedded SIM, blockchain-secured mobile device for payments.  With all agreeing that 5G will provide a path to the future of payments across the board.