Mar 15, 2021

Power Cycling Your Modem or Other Remote Device with a Remote Power Reboot Router

When one of your critical networking devices locks up and the connection is lost, your options for recovery are limited. Typically, the first call is to your service provider who may perform a soft reset directly to the modem. But, if this fails to reconnect the device, the provider will advise a power cycle that requires someone on-site to physically pull the plug, wait a specified length of time, and then plug it back in. This requires sending a staff member into the telecom closet but, if your device is a remote or in a building equipment room, gaining access might pose a challenge and will likely require sending a technician out to the site, costing you big in both service call fees and lost productivity.

The most widely available device that allows for a remote reboot is commonly known as a Switched Power Distribution Unit (PDU).  Using a web application, it can toggle power on and off for individual power outlets. Problem solved?  Not so simple. Today’s Switched PDUs require a separate network such as an Ethernet plug-in or Wi-Fi network, and means if the modem or your network goes down you have lost the ability to remotely reboot the power. 

Streamlining Your Hardware: The VRB842 

Enter an inspired solution from Ventus Technologies: the first Switched PDU integrated into a 4G LTE-A cellular router. The singular VRB842 Remote Power Reboot Router features a dual SIM cellular router equipped with two Ethernet ports and two 10A power outlets, giving it the ability to remotely control, restart, and cycle the power supply for a modem or other connected devices. Operating with our unique Genesis monitoring platform, the VRB842 enables you to oversee all your locations with a single interface, putting you in total control of every one of your units from anywhere.

Odoo CMS - a big picture 

The VRB842 comes pre-configured for easy zero-touch deployments with no additional wiring or Wi-Fi network required. Additionally, it can be used as a cellular network router for other functions. With two ports, the VRB can act as a primary 4G LTE-A wireless Broadband device or as a failover supporting the office or store when the primary network fails.

And, because the VRB842 seamlessly connects through a secure VPN tunnel to the Genesis platform, there’s no need to worry about access and security. Corporate firewalls can be a hassle to get around if they do not allow inbound connections. But, with a built-in 4G LTE-A network, this is not an issue. 

Power fluctuations or network outages can render your business inoperable and have a real impact on the bottom line. So, when your IT team works remotely or supports a large geographical area, it is crucial to have a straightforward, efficient, cost-effective plan to manage inevitable equipment function interruptions. Installing a VRB842 4G LTE-A Remote Reboot Router will ensure your business consistently stays up and running.

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