Jun 15, 2024

Ventus and CMS Analytics Announce Opening Address Speaker for Cash in the USA 2024: Haley Gibson, Senior Manager, Federal Reserve Financial Services

Ventus, a leading provider of managed networking innovations for ATMs, ITMs, and more, in collaboration with CMS Analytics, is excited to announce Haley Gibson, Senior Manager and Data & Policy Analysis, FedCash Services as the esteemed opening address speaker for Cash in the USA 2024. This conference will bring together professionals from the banking, finance, and cash industries to explore the latest trends and insights in the sector.

New for 2024; Cash in the USA 2024 will be a two-day event starting on October 21st at Johnny Cash Bar with a welcome reception with live music, drinks, food, and a special guest speaker at the Johnny Cash Bar, followed by a full day of conference sessions at The Westin on October 22nd.

The conference will commence with a captivating opening address by Haley Gibson. As the VP of FedCash Policy, Data & Payments Analysis, Haley brings expertise and knowledge to the stage. Her address will focus on major banking and cash trends that significantly impact the productivity of banks and credit unions.

During the opening address, Haley Gibson will delve into key industry developments, providing valuable insights and perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of banking and cash. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the current challenges and opportunities within the industry, setting the scene for an engaging and enlightening conference.

One of the highlights of the opening address is an interactive Q&A session, where attendees can directly engage with Haley Gibson and seek clarification on specific topics of interest. This unique opportunity allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas and ensures that attendees get the most out of the session.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to hear from Haley Gibson and set the stage for two days of networking and knowledge sharing. Register now for Cash in the USA 2024 at CashintheUSA.com to secure your spot and stay updated on the full agenda as it unfolds.

For media inquiries and registration details, please contact:

Cheryl Hislop
Phone: 203-642-2769
Email: events@ventusgns.com