Apr 15, 2021

Video: Ventus Technologies VRB842 Remote Power Reboot Router

The Only All-in-One 4G LTE router with Remote Power Reboot

The Ventus Technologies VRB842 Remote Power Reboot Router features a dual SIM cellular router equipped with two Ethernet ports and two 10A power outlets, giving it the ability to remotely control, restart, and cycle the power supply for any connected device. 

The VRB842 is fully integrated into the Ventus Genesis monitoring platform enabling you to oversee all your locations with a single interface, putting you in total control of every one of your units from anywhere.


Ideal For:

  • ATM / ITM / BTM

  • Digital signs

  • Kiosks

  • Gaming and lottery terminals

  • POS

  • Smart safes

  • Remote connected devices - Hubs, IP-cameras, media players, modems, PCs, switches, etc. 

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Stop sending technicians on-site just to unplug a device costing you big in both service call fees and lost productivity.


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